Hello Internet!

I have been online since the 90's, reading all the hacking, phreaking, and white papers I could find. Back then, there was a so much information it seemed absymal. A hungry mind sees no end.
I saw the texts change from informal white papers to PDFs. That self motivated interest hackers possessed turned academic and professional.

I remember when search engines quit returning the information I was looking for. Obscure content became more difficult to find as the monetization of the Internet increased. It seemed that page ranking algorithms had changed to reflect the changing Internet economy. After working for a large search engine company, I came to find out that was true. Aside from that reality, I felt that I had also hit an information barrier. The information I was looking for did not exist. Nobody was hacking their own wetware, aside from hackcanada. There were not even academic articles on the topic! :)

I cannot promise my own wetware hacks, but at least some code and learnings from personal and professional lives.

These bits may not be grand, but they are my works of bits.